Main Street Community Church

All-age services 2008

There’s more to life than food!

Main Street Community Church’s monthly all-age service

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10.30am Sunday morning, See below for 2008 dates

The fruit of the Spirit

What sort of people are Christians? Or, rather, what sort of people should they be! First and foremost, of course, they are people who have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The Bible says that this relationship begins when a person is “born again” by God’s Holy Spirit after recognising Jesus Christ as Lord.

Christians aren’t, and don’t claim to be, perfect! Rather, we believe that God wants to change our characters and make us into the kind of people He intends us to be. In the New Testament this is shown as a gradual change in character as God’s Spirit works in us. It’s called bearing fruit — the fruits of the Spirit!

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In 2008 we are going to look each month - except for three specials — at this fruit and learn how God wants to, and is able to, change us. Come and learn with us!

Dates & themes for 10.30am All-Age Services, 2008

Our teaching comes from the Bible because we know it works!

Daily paper and the Bible cartoon

These subjects concentrate on the qualities Christians are encouraged to exhibit.

We want there to be something for everyone!

So, whatever age you are, whatever “family” means to you, come along and join us. We promise you a real welcome - a place where you can feel welcome, be yourself, make friends and hear a bit more about what Christians believe (and have a cup of tea or coffee!)

Our All-Age services in 2008 will aim to communicate the Christian faith with fun, with enthusiasm and, above all, relevance!

If you don’t consider yourself a churchgoer just give it a try. Our services last about 1 hour with refreshments to follow.

You never know, you might like it and it could change your life!!

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The All-age services programme for 2007 is still available, if you want to see it

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