Main Street Community Church

Baptism, communion and Church membership


Once you are a Christian there is another important step you can make. The Bible talks about Baptism. For us at Main Street Community Church this primarily means an act which is illustrative of the faith in Jesus a person has and is a public way of declaring that I now wish to follow Jesus Christ and live for him.

The New Testament Greek word for ‘baptise’ means ‘to dip’ and was used to refer to the dying of a garment. So it referred to a total immersion in water. We believe that this is a conscious and deliberate step by the person being baptised.

So, if you have made the choice to be a follower of Jesus, baptism is a step to seriously think about. We have a tank in the floor of the main church especially designed for this! The meaning of baptism can be summed up as follows:

Being baptised in front of friends and relatives is an amazing experience and seals in a very public way your personal commitment to Jesus.


So, you have made a personal commitment to Jesus. From that moment you become, the Bible says:

These things are true whether or not you decide to be baptised though we recommend that important step to mark your commitment publicly. In our church we regularly celebrate Communion, also called The Lord’s Supper, which is something Jesus asked us to do to remind ourselves of his death for us and of our promised future with him. It is something that all born-again Christians are invited to do. It is a wonderful privilege and one you should be part of.

So, if you have asked Jesus to be Lord of your life, whether or not you are yet baptised, we encourage and invite you in Jesus’ name, to join in this simple meal when we share it. It is your right to join in!

Church Membership

Because you are a member of the church by choosing to follow Jesus — you are a member of our local church too! As such you are a part of our family and our sister or brother. We will care for you in Jesus’ name and you can be involved with us in caring for others and helping to “evangelise”, that is to share the message! Other things you will choose to do, supported by the local church and its leaders, include:

(This page is based on a leaflet written by Tim Coad whilst he was the pastor of this church.)