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Privacy and cookies on this website

Your personal information

This website does not ask for any personal information.

If you send an email to an email address provided on this site then the information you provide may be stored and will be passed on to third parties.

Network information

When you access a website, your browser sends its network (IP) address. The network address is used to process and reply to the request but it is not logged on this server,


Browser cookies are pieces of information from the web server that sit on your computer and get sent to the web server by your browser. This website does not put cookies on your computer.

Third party websites

This site has some pages with embedded content from Facebook pages. This content will be fetched by your browser from Facebook's servers and be subject to their privacy policy. Pages on this site use fonts and maps provided by Google. These fonts and maps will be fetched by your browser from Google's servers and be subject to their privacy policy. This site contains no other third-party advertising content or trackers.

This site contains links to the websites of third parties. These websites have their own privacy policies. Please check their policies before you entrust any personal data to them.

Changes to the privacy policy

When the privacy policy for this web site is changed, this page will be updated and a notice put on the home page of the website for at least a week. This page always has the current version.

This version

This version of the policy was written in May 2018.

The previous version was written in June 2014.