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Main Street Community Church’s monthly all-age services 2007

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10.30am Sunday morning, See below for 2007 dates

God’s Route to Happiness!

Are Christians happy people? Is there something to be happy about in today’s world? What’s the secret of happiness — Wealth? Friendship? What happens when things go wrong?

World peace, peace among nations is top of the news agenda but many of us are asking about peace of mind.

At Main Street Community Church we’re ordinary people wanting to know how to get the best out of life. We know it’s not easy and we all have troubles, problems and worries of various kinds.

What we’ve found is that Jesus has something relevant to teach about what happiness is really all about and we think his message is totally relevant for all ages in today’s world. Why not join us and see what you think?

Dates & themes for 10.30am All-Age Services, 2007

Our teaching comes from the Bible because we know it works!

These are all based on Jesus’ words known as “The Beatitudes”, from the Sermon on the Mount.

Sharing from the Bible

It’s not easy!

Forgiveness costs

Forgiveness costs!

Jesus offers us God’s forgiveness and it cost him his life.

The Christian life, lived the way Jesus taught and showed us, is the very best way to live! That’s why we think it’s worth exploring and sharing.

Our All-Age services in 2007 will aim to communicate the Christian faith with fun, with enthusiasm and, above all, relevance!

If you don’t consider yourself a churchgoer just give it a try — you never know, you might like it and it could change your life!

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