Main Street Community Church

Church meeting February 2009

This page has the outline content of slides used at a Church family meeting on 25 February 2009.

  1. Where have we come from?

    Reasons to give thanks

    What is God doing among us?

    • New faces
    • Spiritually encouraged & expectant
    • A sense of unity and going forward
    Sharing from the Bible, ©
  2. Where are we going?

    What do we expect from God?

    • People meeting Jesus
    • Individually & together, to get closer to Jesus
    • People who have lost enthusiasm for God renewed and re-invigorated
    • Answers to prayer!
  3. Reaching our Community

    • CAB has gone
    • Credit Union has come!
    • Healing Services quarterly
    • Prayer time in a variety of places
    • Inviting newcomers to services
    • Changes to evening services?
    • ‘Sunday Funday’ : June 14th
  4. Christians & their witness

    Training in the “how to” of evangelism!

    Watch for a “training day” in 2009



    Something to share? ©
  5. Christians and their security

    Standing Strong in Christ — Walking Free!

    “Freedom in Christ” course possible later in 2009/early 2010

  6. Christians and their world

    Relating our faith to the challenges of Climate Change & Credit Crunch!

    An “Eco week” later on in 2009

    Watch this space!

  7. Wider Relationships

    • Churches Together in Frodsham
    • Timothy Ministries
    • Salt & Light logo, © Salt & Light Pastoral Support for Pastor
    • Opportunities to widen relationships
    • Encouragement in mission and growth
    • Join in events like Salt & Light’s 28:18 Springboard in August 2009 Salt & Light 28:18 Springboard logo, © Salt & Light