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Frodsham Administration and Government

Photograph taken in Castle Park GardensGardens at Castle Park, Frodsham.

Frodsham is administered by …

North West England European Parliamentary Region

Weaver Vale Parliamentary Constituency

MP: Graham Evans

Weaver Vale was a new constituency at the 1997 election, created by a Boundary Commission review of Cheshire. It includes parts of the old Warrington South, Tatton, Halton and Eddisbury Constituencies. Included within the boundary are parts of Runcorn together with Frodsham, Helsby, Weaverham, Hartford and most of Northwich. Before 1st May 1997 Frodsham had been in the Eddisbury Constituency and Alastair Goodlad (Conservative) was MP.

General Elections

2017 General Election

The election held on 8 June 2017 returned Mike Amesbury (Labour) as the MP for the constituency by a majority of 3,928 on a turnout of 73.3%.

2015 General Election

The election held on 7 May 2015 returned Graham Evans (Conservative) as the MP for the constituency by a majority of 806 on a turnout of 68.5%.

2010 General Election

The election held on 6 May 2010 returned Graham Evans (Conservative) as the MP for the constituency by a majority of 991 on a turnout of 66.11%.

2005 General Election

The election held on 5 May 2005 returned Mike Hall (Labour) as the MP for the constituency by a majority of 6,855 on a turnout of 57.07%.

2001 General Election

The election returned Mike Hall (Labour) as MP by a majority of 9,637 on a turnout of 57.55%.

1997 General Election

In the General Election on 1 May 1997 Mike Hall (Labour), previously MP for Warrington South was returned as MP for the constituency by a majority of 13,448 on a turnout of 73.2%.

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Cheshire West and Chester Local Authority

Neighbourhood Alerts

Unitary Authority Elections

Election on 7 May 2015

Frodsham returned 2 councillors: Andrew Dawson (Conservative) and Lynn Riley (Conservative).

The election returned 75 councillors: 38 Labour, 36 Conservative and 1 other.

Elections on 5 May 2011

The whole council was up for election on revised seat definitions. Frodsham now returns 2 councillors and Helsby returns 1.

Frodsham returned two councillors: Andrew Dawson (Conservative) and Lynn Riley (Conservative).

The election returned 75 councillors: 42 Conservative, 32 Labour and 1 Liberal Democrat.

Elections on 1 May 2008

Cheshire was divided into two unitary authorities from 1 April 2009. This marked the end of Cheshire County Council and the various district councils, including Vale Royal District Council, The local elections on 1 May 2008 were for the representatives of the new unitary authorities. There were three councillors for the combined Frodsham and Helsby ward (instead of one county councillor and six district councillors for the same area). In total the new authority had 72 councillors. It was a “shadow authority” until 1 April 2009 when it took on the full powers and responsibilities of the unitary authority.

Frodsham and Helsby ward returned three councillors: Andrew Dawson (Conservative), Leslie John Ford (Conservative) and Mark Charles Ingram (Conservative).

The election returned 72 councillors: 55 Conservative, 13 Labour and 4 Liberal Democrats.

Police and Crime Commissioner

From November 2012 the elected oversight of the police has been vested in a single individual for each police force, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). Previously this responsibility was discharged by a committee of elected local councillors, the Watch Committee.

The PCC is elected by a form of proportional representation. Each elector can specify a first and second choice candidate. In the first round the first preference votes are counted for each candidate. The candidates with the lowest number of votes are eliminated and any second preferences for remaining candidates expressed on those ballot papers are counted. Only the candidates in the second round are shown below. The results of the elections for the Cheshire Police PCC area were:

Frodsham Town Council

The Borough of Vale Royal (Electoral Changes) Order 1998 (Statutory Instrument 1998 No. 2846) abolished the existing wards of the parish of Frodsham. It divided Frodsham into four parish wards: Frodsham East, Frodsham North, Frodsham South and Frodsham West and defined their boundaries. It set the number of councillors to be elected for each of the parish wards as Frodsham North 4, Frodsham South 4, Frodsham East 5 and Frodsham West 3. The same SI also set the number of borough councillors returned by Frodsham as 3 from Frodsham North (the North, East and West parish wards taken together) and 1 from Frodsham South.