Main Street Community Church

A Brief History of Frodsham

Bourne Chapel

The Bourne Primitive Methodist Chapel, built on Frodsham’s Main Street, was officially opened on Thursday 11th July 1878. It cost £700 to build. The schoolhouse to the rear predates the chapel and was built between 1874 and 1876. The chapel is named after Hugh Bourne (1772–1852) one of the founders of the Primitive Methodist Connexion. The final service was held in Easter 1987.

The building was converted to offices and used by several companies. Two previous planning applications had been made to convert the premises from office use into a nursery and then apartments. Both applications were refused. The nursery could not supply the required parking provision and the residential application proposed the removal of the first bay of the existing building, and therefore its historic facade, to enable parking at the front directly off the street. With restricted parking availability the office stood vacant before being redeveloped with parking underneath the existing chapel with only minor alterations to its historic frontage.