Main Street Community Church

Local Frodsham Businesses and Community Groups


Frodsham has had quality local shops and businesses for longer then any of us have been alive. Whilst there are now fewer local shops than many of us can remember, they are an asset that is well worth supporting. Many provide produce, goods and services that branches of larger businesses do not. Whilst the convenience of the branches of larger businesses is welcome and, on some items, their lower prices may be helpful, let’s remember that the local shops, often selling local produce, are something that many communities no longer have and we should use at least some of our time and money to support them when we can.

Community groups

Frodsham also has a remarkably wide range of community groups. Ones that meet regularly in the Community Centre and the Parish Hall are mentioned each month in the St Laurence Church Parish Magazine. Castle Park Arts Centre is home to a range of activities. Others meet in their own buildings (e.g. 4th Frodsham (Overton) Scout Group) or other local premises.