Main Street Community Church

Frodsham Hill

This photo, from around 1905, shows Frodsham Hill, Overton, looking very different from today. No war memorial, fewer buildings and fewer trees are the most obvious differences. On the skyline on the left of the photo you can see a building on the top of the hill. This was a roller-skating rink until the First World War.

In the foreground are timber-frame cottages

The skating rink was converted to an auxiliary military hospital during the First World War. Here is the interior in 1915. After the war it was used for social events.

Multiple rows of closely-packed beds

The war memorial was first completed in 1921. It is listed on the UK National Inventory of War Memorials, together with other war memorials in Frodsham. The memorial includes an inscription and 105 names of men who died in the service of their country in 1914–18 and a further 34 names of men who died in the 1939–45 war.

Photograph of the Frodsham War Memorial

More recently,in July 2006, Frodsham Hill Wood, about 26 acres of the hill, was purchased by The Woodland Trust. The purchase was funded by donations and grants.

Holiday attractions on Frodsham Hill

Frodsham was the destination of day-trippers for many years, as you can see from this picture of a house part way up Church Street advertising “Cycles Stored”. A detail showing the cycles stored sign Cottages on Church Street with a passing horse and cart Most of the attractions were on Frodsham Hill and, apart from the views over the Cheshire Plain and the Mersey, included …