Main Street Community Church

Extracts from local newspapers referring to St Dunstan’s, 1935–1937


Death of Mr C H Hibbert, well known musician and ex-teacher

His first public appointment as an organist was at Kingsley in 1885 and he retained the post as an organist there for about eight years. Mr. Hibbert was then appointed organist by the late Canon Blogg to St. Dunstan’s Frodsham, the chapel-of-ease to the Frodsham Parish Church, and in 1900 to the Parish Church itself in succession to Mr. Birkett Musgrove. During his period as organist at the Parish Church, Mr.Hibbert delighted thousands by his skilful manipulation of the organ, and his choice of beautiful voluntaries. Besides being a skilful exponent, Mr.Hibbert was also a successful composer, having from time to time composed many hymn tunes, chants and pianoforte music.


Death of Mr. G H Johnson

He was for many years a prominent member of the Bible Class run by the late Miss Ashley at St.Dunstan’s Church.
(Miss Ashley lived at Ashley House)


Religious Tableaux

The scholars of the Church-street and Overton Sunday Schools presented a delightful series of tableaux at St. Dunstan’s Church on Friday and Saturday evenings and repeated the performance at a children’s service on Sunday. The tableaux depicted God’s message through the ages from the finding of Moses to the early missionary work of St.Aidan in Northumbria. Another tableaux portrayed the work of medical missions, the Missionary Hospital at Cawnpore, India forming a background for the subject. The Old Testament tableaux included those of Moses and Samuel, while the tableaux dealing with the Advent and the Nativity were particularly striking. God’s message through St. Paul, St. Aidan, and through the knowledge of healing and hospitals, formed the second portion of the programme. Hymns to each tableau were sung. The children did their work well, and praise is due to the staff of the schools and all who assisted. Dr. M W Myers (vicar) and the Rev. W B James (curate) took part, giving addresses. Mr. Albert Collins, organist of the Parish Church was at the organ. The proceeds were devoted to missionary funds.

Traffic Delayed by Snow

The heavy fall of snow on Wednesday evening caused considerable traffic delays on Thursday. Lengthy hold-ups occurred in Red-lane and the Rock owing to heavy vehicles being unable to negotiate the stiff gradients until the roads had been cindered. The Thursday market, in Main-street, bore a deserted aspect, by the middle of the afternoon only three stallholders had decided to open for business.


Curate and Suitable House

…, but owing to his having been unable to find a suitable house, he will probably have to “cry off”. In the meantime the Vicar is carrying on with outside assistance. He thanks particularly the Rev. H O Mayne, vicar of Kingsley, and Rev. Gray Jones, vicar of Aston, for generous help when emergencies arise.


Bridge Mission

Harvest services were held on Sunday. At the afternoon service, conducted by Mr H Hale, the children brought gifts of eggs and flowers. Mr Walsh of Chester conducted the evening service. On Monday a harvest home was held. Sketches were contributed by Miss D Blythe and Mr H Hale. Duets were rendered by Miss Eunice Berry and Mr C Unsworth, while Miss E Darlington and two children, J and E Blythe, contributed vocal solos. Miss Connie Longden gave pianoforte solos. Mrs Gorst was the accompanist. Refreshments were served under the supervision of Mrs Warburton and the committee.


Nativity Play

About forty members of the Frodsham Parish Church gave a presentation of a Nativity play at St. Dunstan’s Church on Thursday and Saturday last week, and on Monday and Tuesday evenings, before large audiences. The play, arranged and compiled by Helen Hay Wilson, was to have been given on the first three nights mentioned, but it was so successful that a repeat performance for Tuesday was requested. Opening with the carol “Virgin Unspotted”, the first tableau illustrated the prophecy. In the next tableau there were shepherds and a choir of angels, and the carols “The first Noel” and “Come and listen to my story” were sung by a small choir behind the scenes. In the manger scene, “To us is born a little child” was sung as a solo, and “O come, faithful Shepherds” was also given. A tableau shewing the three kings introduced “O’er the hill and o’er the vale”, “O star of wonder” and “Blessed be that Maid Mary”. Then followed the presentation of gifts, with the carol “In dulci jubilo” and the procession of the pilgrims. The pilgrims were represented by two players in dark robes and two representing everyday life. One was attired as a carpenter, and the other was dressed in overalls, representing a working girl. A nurse and a mother with two children represented home life, and there was also a boy and a girl as school children. The play concluded with “The Message of Love” and the carol “Christ was born on Christmas Day”. Before the congregation left, the players walked in procession round the church. Mr. Collins was at the organ, and the lighting was arranged by Mr. Dennis Palin.


Sunday School’s Service

A few months ago representatives from each Sunday school in the district made a house-to-house canvass in an effort to increase the membership of the Sunday schools and to make personal contact with the parents. The scheme was very successful and on Monday a dedication service was held in the Parish Church. The Vicar (Dr. M W Myers) presided and the lessons were read by Rev. A Hills and Rev. G A F Gostick. Dr. Myers gave an address. Mr. A Collins was at the organ.


Site for New Church

At a meeting of the Methodist Church on Wednesday, it was announced that the Rock Methodist Church will be closed at the end of the present quarter, owing to poor attendance. The building will be sold, and the Cheshire County Council, it was stated, are potential purchasers. It was announced that the site for a new church at Blake Lees, Kingsley, has been acquired, and building will begin there this year. It is likely that the pulpit and seating accommodation from the Rock Church will be used in the new Kingsley church. Rev. G A F Gostick and Rev. W Davies were invited to the circuit for a third year, and Rev. W Gollins for a second year. Membership returns were satisfactory, though a debit balance on the circuit’s finances was reported.


Free Church Council

At the annual meeting of the Free Church Council , on Wednesday, Rev G A F Gostick was elected president in succession to Mr. H W Greenleaves. The meeting was held at Five Crosses Methodist Church. An address was given by Rev. Richard Pyke of Southport, who said that surely the world was not lacking in courage or moral worth as to be incapable of an effective protest against the terrible atrocities in China. Rev G A F Gostick appealed for unity and said the churches would never be full until they dropped all their little “isms” and became one great church. Rev. A Hills voiced vote of thanks to all who had contributed to the success of the meeting


Week-End Campaign

A missionary week-end campaign was held in connection with the Parish Church and St. Dunstan’s when Rev. G A Hope, vicar of Prestbury was the “messenger”. The object of the campaign is outlined by the Vicar (Dr. M W Myers) in the magazine. The campaign opened on Saturday, when a devotional service was held at St. Dunstan’s Church in the evening. On Sunday there were large congregations at the Parish Church when services were conducted by Rev. G A Hope. He was also chief speaker at a meeting on Monday at St. Dunstan’s, when there was a summing-up of the work, and the question discussed as to what the parish could do to further the cause of the church overseas. The Vicar (Rev. Dr. M W Myers) took part in the various services.


Proposed Ministerial Change

Question of Meeting Methodist Circuit Debt

A keen discussion on a proposal to replace an active minister by a supernumerary took place at a meeting of the Frodsham Methodist Circuit, held on Wednesday. The Circuit Finance Committee suggested this step to meet the continued circuit debt.


Presentation to the Vicar

Recognition of 25 Year’s Successful Work in the Parish

Friendship with Free Churches

Dr. Myers expressed his deep gratitude to the parishioners, and that was not the first time they had shewn in a tangible manner their respect and esteem. One of the first things he tried to do was make the organisations self supporting. In this he thought he had succeeded. Another thing he set out to do was establish cordial relations between his church and the Free Churches. There existed a strong bond of Fellowship between him and the Free Church.