Main Street Community Church

Pastoral services

Weddings at Main Street Community Church

If you are thinking of getting married and wondering about a church wedding then we might be able to help you!

We are a free Evangelical church, not part of a denominational structure, and are registered with the Registrar of Cheshire West and Chester. One of our leaders is an ‘Authorised Person’ to carry out weddings.

To comply with legal requirements there are two key statements or declarations that must be included in a wedding service. Apart from these the service can be put together in a personalised way to suit you and your family. This might include:

Obviously, being a wedding in church, the service will include prayers and probably a reading from the Bible. If you are unfamiliar with hymns and Bible readings we can make suggestions for you.

You will sign the register in the church as an integral part of the service and we are happy for your photographer and friends to take pictures at that time. We do prefer that photos are not taken during the actual service and vows although we can discuss this with your official photographer.

Finally, if you choose to marry at Main Street Community Church, the leaders will be available to you before and after the ceremony. We would not expect you to attend church either before or after but would want you to know that you are always welcome at services and events at any time you feel you would like to! Before the ceremony we will spend some time with you talking about what marriage means and afterwards we can offer Christian Listening if challenges should arise and you feel in need of support.

We also run Marriage courses and Parenting courses from time to time.

Funerals at Main Street Community Church

Funerals are a difficult time and you may not have thought through or discussed what kind of service you would like or your loved one would have chosen.

If you think you might like a funeral in church but are not regular attenders anywhere then we can offer you a service personalised to your needs. For example,

We feel it is important to have service that is personal and reflects the character of the person who has passed away. Also, it should be a time to help with the process of grieving and bring comfort to the family. But it is, of course, not just about the funeral service. We would also like to have the opportunity to support your family pastorally especially if family live out of the area and will be leaving a bereaved relative alone in our area. We can visit regularly and there is a group that meets weekly at the church called ‘New Horizons’ and the fortnightly ‘Friday Friendship’ where friendship and support is offered. Finally, in some cases, a memorial service following a private cremation or internment may be more suitable and this can also be arranged.

Child dedications at Main Street Community Church

As a free evangelical church we do not practise christening as such. However, we do offer child dedication.

Normally this would be included as part of a regular Sunday morning service, perhaps at the “Second Sunday at MSCC” service which is less formal than our regular service and designed for those who are perhaps less familiar with church.

So, what would a ‘dedication’ involve?

Would you be expected to join the church?

Of course we would love to welcome you! But there is no obligation. Church services and activities are open to all and your family at any time. In particular, Friday Break for a Mum, a Dad, a Grandparent or a carer with pre-school children may be helpful.

Also, our leaders do feel that when we dedicate a child we take some responsibility for pastoral care for them and their family. So we would be available to you all at any time you need us.

A typical dedication

Usually, as above, this would form part of a regular Sunday service. One of our leaders will discuss beforehand whether your family joins us for the whole of this or we adapt the service to your needs.

The actual dedication will involve a few words from one of our leaders, reading of a Bible passage and then prayers. We pray for the child, for the parents and finally for the family. There would also be a form of words to repeat from you and from the church to make the service complete.

Traditionally the service is often followed by tea and cake!