Main Street Community Church

Main Street Community Church, Frodsham

We are an independent Christian Church; a member of Frodsham Churches Together.

Until further notice

Main Street Community Church’s building is closed.

Collective Worship on Sundays has been suspended and all our other normal weekday activities have been cancelled, including Bible Study Home Group, Thursday Morning Coffee, New Horizons, Friday Break, and Friday Friendship Groups.

However, we are still meeting together using technology. Visit our Facebook pages for more information.

We are on Facebook

You can stay in touch on this website and via our Facebook pages:

The talks from our Sunday morning continue to be available on this website and are also now available on Facebook.

We are establishing new patterns of prayer and worship, as well as social and practical support, during these uncertain and worrying times. Nobody should be left out. We remember we have a good God, who cares for his whole creation.

Some other resources

We have put together a list of resources for prayer and worship that many of us are using during this time. Have a look through and try out some that you are unfamiliar with.

We also have a list of links about money, debt, and food during these difficult times for many people.

Apart, yet together

Whilst official wording refers to ‘social-distancing’, it is important to know that what we are doing at present is physically-distancing ourselves to prevent the transmission of the virus. It is important to stay socially and spiritually close whilst being physically distant. Please keep in touch with one another by phone-calls, texts, emails, etc., and encourage one another regularly. We need new routines to help us through these times, as we will be distant for some time.

Sunday Morning Services

Our Sunday morning services are not being held – please see the notice above.

However, you can listen to or read some earlier talks given here. On some Sundays the morning service talk is recorded and made available here.

Other events

All our normal weekday activities have been cancelled, please see the notice above.